Electrical Services in Leicester

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Electrical Services in Leicester

At B & B Property Maintenance, we specialise in the completion of a range of different electrical services throughout Leicester. Whether you need some sockets fitted, some lighting installed, or some electrical appliances put in, we can undertake any electrical project that you may have, no matter how big or how small.

Sockets in Leicester

Sockets are vital to the running of your home as they provide a connection point between your electrical appliances and your primary power supply. As such, it is highly important that any sockets that are faulty or that need installing are repaired or fitted by a professional electrician. An incorrectly repaired or installed socket can lead to several dangerous health and safety issues, including damaged appliances, damaged plug sockets and electrocution.

Lighting Installations in Leicester

At B & B Property Maintenance, we can install a wide range of lights in your property in Leicester. The lighting in your home is important as it not only helps you to see when it is dark, but it also helps to create an atmosphere in your home. For example, in a study or living room, you may want to use some warm, yellow lighting in order to create a cosy ambience. On the other hand, for a kitchen or a bathroom, you may want a colder light in order to emphasise the cleanliness of this space. At B & B Property Maintenance, we can offer our expert lighting advice on what lighting will best bring out the atmosphere that you want.

Rewires in Leicester

The electricity in your home is absolutely vital into the running and the comfort of the property. Any problems with the wiring in your home could lead to several serious health and safety issues, including damaged appliances and electrocution. At B & B Property Maintenance, we can visit your property and make any repairs to the wiring in your home. Furthermore, we can complete any full property rewires if your home’s wiring is extensively damaged or if you have recently moved into a new property.

We can complete a wide range of electrical services, including:

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